February 2017

ISE 2017

Classé’s Sigma SSP MkII debuts Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Upgraded HDMI

The slim and elegant Classé Sigma SSP, noted for its exceptional performance, flexibility and ease of use, has been made even better by the addition of new audio DSP and HDMI hardware.

Press Release (DOC, 198 KB)
Info Sheet (PDF, 876 KB)
Images (ZIP, 7.7 MB)



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March 2016

New 200W Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Sigma 2200i

How can you improve on the best DACs and analog stages in the world? Eliminate them!

Press Release (DOC, 74 KB)
Info Sheet (PDF, 876 KB)
Brochure (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Images (ZIP, 23.4 MB)


sigma 2200i

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September 2015

Classé Sigma series expands with new 350W Mono Amplifier

Classé has announced the expansion of its popular Sigma series to include a new monaural amplifier.

Press Release (DOC, 304 KB)
Spec Sheet (PDF, 204 KB)
Images (ZIP, 16.7 MB)



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September 2014

CEDIA 2014

Classé Launches Sigma Series

Classé has announced the availability of a new series of components called Sigma, featuring a 7.1 channel Surround Sound Preamp/Processor, called Sigma SSP and two amplifiers, the AMP2 and AMP5, rated at 2x200W and 5x200W into 8 ohms respectively.

Press Release (DOC, 570 KB)
SSP Spec Sheet (PDF, 159 KB)
AMP2 / AMP5 Spec Sheet (PDF, 183 KB)
Brochure (PDF, 2 MB)
Sigma Stack (ZIP, 852 KB)
Sigma SSP Images (ZIP, 1.6 MB)
Amp2/Amp5 Images (ZIP, 2.1 MB)



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December 2013

Classé Debuts Class D

Classé has announced the availability of a new Delta series class D stereo amplifier, the 200wpc CA-D200, boasting proprietary Classé-designed switch mode power supply and switching amplifier stages.

Press Release (DOC, 430 KB)
Info Sheet (PDF, 183 KB)
Images (ZIP, 3.7 MKB)



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December 2011

Classé CT-2300 wins HomeTheaterReview.com
Best of 2011 Award

Read here: HomeTheaterReview.com



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September 2010

Classé Debuts Preamp of the Future

Classé showed working prototypes of its new CP-800 Stereo Preamp/Processor at CEDIA Expo 2010.

Press Release (DOC, 730 KB)
High Res Image (JPG, 700 KB)



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September 2010

Classé SSP-800 and CT-SSP 3D-Ready with
HDMI 1.4

Classé unveiled new HDMI 1.4 video capabilities in its updated SSP-800 and CT-SSP Surround Sound Processors at CEDIA Expo 2010.

Press Release (DOC, 38 KB)



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September 2010

Classé Redefines Amplifier Excellence With New
Delta Lineup

A total of four new Delta series models are to be unveiled.

Press Release (DOC, 516 KB)

CA-2300 Spec Sheet (PDF, 216 KB)
CA-5300 Spec Sheet (PDF, 136 KB)
CA-M300 Spec Sheet (PDF, 185 KB)
CA-M600 Spec Sheet (PDF, 148 KB)

CA-2300 High Res Images (ZIP, 3.0 MB)
CA-5300 High Res Image (JPG, 1.6 MB)
CA-M300 High Res Images (ZIP, 3.0 MB)
CA-M600 High Res Images (ZIP, 6.2 MB)



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