September 2017

Studio sound comes home
New technology meets classic design in the new Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series.

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707 S2
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February 2017

800 Series Diamond sound from discreet custom installation speakers
Bowers & Wilkins CI800 Series Diamond brings Diamond tweeters to custom installation speakers for the first time.

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Product Specifications (PDF, 4.8 MB)
Images (ZIP, 1.2 MB)


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February 2017

DB Series Subwoofers. Precision. Accuracy. Power.
The new Bowers & Wilkins DB Series contain three subwoofers designed to deliver incredibly powerful, tight and agile bass.

Press Release (DOC, 568 KB)
DB1D Product Specifications (PDF, 2.0 MB)
DB2D Product Specifications (PDF, 2.0 MB)
DB3D Product Specifications (PDF, 2.0 MB)
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October 2016

Bowers & Wilkins introduces P9 Signature, its most ambitious, best sounding and luxurious headphone yet
Its best sounding and most luxurious headphone to date, P9 Signature was conceived to celebrate Bowers & Wilkins 50th anniversary.

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P9 signature
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September 2016

P3 Series 2 – Perfect for delivering pristine sound on the move
Bowers & Wilkins is proud to announce P3 Series 2, a new and improved version of the award-winning P3 headphones.

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P3 wireless
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September 2016

New P7 Wireless – experience perfect sound, without the wires
Delivering professional quality sound on the move with the added convenience of simple wireless streaming, P7 Wireless set a new standard for on-the-go listening.

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Product Specifications (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Images (ZIP, 13.4 MB)


P7 wireless
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May 2016

Zeppelin™ Wireless, now available in white
Same impressive audio performance. Contemporary new color.

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zeppelin white
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May 2016

Bowers & Wilkins Acquired by Silicon Valley based EVA Automation
Bowers & Wilkins, the British audio brand founded in Sussex, England, in 1966, has been acquired by Silicon Valley based EVA Automation Inc, a technology company founded by Gideon Yu.

Press Release (DOC, 55 KB)


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May 2016

Redefining reference quality sound
Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 sets a new standard for audio performance

Press Release (DOC, 446 KB)
800 D3 Anniversary Book (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Images (ZIP, 22.2 MB)


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October 2015

Executive car – Pristine sound
Bowers & Wilkins audio system for the all-new Volvo S90

Press Release (DOC, 481 KB)
Images (ZIP, 5.0 MB)


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October 2015

Bowers & Wilkins launches Zeppelin Wireless
The best sounding Zeppelin yet, for the connected age

Press Release (DOC, 45 KB)
Technical Paper (PDF, 9.9 MB)
Images (ZIP, 14.2 MB)


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September 2015

Introducing the reimagined Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond – the new jewel in the crown of audiophile loudspeakers
The new 800 Series Diamond massively elevates loudspeaker performance, even compared to Bowers & Wilkins highly regarded previous efforts.

Press Release (DOC, 263 KB)
Specifications Sheet (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Brochure (PDF, 6.9 MB)
Images (ZIP, 50.9 MB)


800 series
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July 2015

Bowers & Wilkins launches three new installation speakers
Trio of new custom installation speakers with step-up in sound quality, yet installation is easier than ever

Press Release (DOC, 270 KB)
CCM 632 Info Sheet (PDF, 143 KB)
CCM Cinema 7 Info Sheet (PDF, 544 KB)
CWM Cinema 7 Info Sheet (PDF, 133 MB)
CWM Cinema 7 Images (ZIP, 6.4 MB)


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July 2015

The new P5 Wireless - hear everything, anywhere, wirelessly
Bowers & Wilkins, the British loudspeaker company noted for bringing its knowledge and experience of acoustic excellence to the headphone category for the first time with the highly regarded P5 headphones, now announces P5 Wireless – the latest in convenience headphone listening without any compromise in audio quality.

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Feature Sheet (PDF, 510 KB)
Tech Sheet (PDF, 544 KB)
Image (ZIP, 3.7 MB)


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March 2015

Bowers & Wilkins presents the ultimate surround-sound system
Collaboration with MoMA Björk exhibition sets new benchmark for audiophile quality sound experiences.

Press Release (DOC, 888 KB)
Image (ZIP, 8.5 MB)


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February 2015

Stacey Kerek Joins The B&W Group USA
The B&W Group USA has announced the appointment of consumer electronics industry veteran, Stacey Kerek as the company’s new Vice President, Operations.

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Image (JPG, 333 KB)


stacey kerek
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October 2014

Hi-Fi untethered
Bowers & Wilkins launches T7, its most portable wireless speaker yet

Press Release (DOC, 386 KB)
Technical Paper (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Feature Sheet (PDF, 600 KB)
T7 Model Images (ZIP, 4.3 MB)
T7 Lifestyle Images (ZIP, 8.3 MB)


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September 2014

Bowers & Wilkins launches P5 Series 2, with new drive units adapted from award-winning P7

Press Release (DOC, 120 KB)
Technical Paper (PDF, 3 MB)
Feature Sheet (PDF, 534 KB)
P5 Images (ZIP, 6.3 MB)


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September 2014

New, redesigned Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 raises the bar for in-ear headphone sound quality

Press Release (DOC, 115 KB)
Feature Sheet (PDF, 443 KB)
Images (ZIP, 1.4 MB)


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August 2014

Beautiful sound - Bowers & Wilkins launches new CM Series
The new Bowers & Wilkins CM Series dramatically improves on the audiophile-quality performance and luxurious design for which the series is renowned

Press Release (DOC, 208 KB)
Technical Paper (PDF, 3.2 MB)
Specification Sheets (ZIP, 8.6 MB)
CMS2 Images (ZIP, 7.2 MB)
CMS2 Model Images (ZIP, 4.4 MB)
CMS2 Lifestyle Images (ZIP, 12.8 MB)


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August 2014

All-new Volvo XC90 delivers top-class Bowers & Wilkins audio system
Bowers & Wilkins teams up with Volvo Car Group for the all-new Volvo XC90 audio system

Press Release (DOC, 280 KB)
Images (ZIP, 24.1 MB)


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May 2014

In their largest Sound System ever, Bowers & Wilkins takes acclaimed hi-fi speaker technology and develops it for a festival audience.

Press Release (DOC, 770 KB)
Images (ZIP, 13.5 MB)


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February 2014

Bowers & Wilkins Launches New 600 Series
The new Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series dramatically improves on the existing range’s legendary combination of outstanding value and exemplary audio performance.

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Spec Sheets (ZIP, 4.5 MB)
Tech Paper (PDF, 8.1 MB)
Studio Images (ZIP, 2.7 MB)
Spec Images (ZIP, 2.6 MB)
Lifestyle Images (ZIP, 6,6 MB)


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January 2014

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition announced
Extending the collaboration between two legendary brands: Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition Mobile Hi-Fi Headphone.

Press Release (DOC, 1.9 MB)
Brochure (PDF, 2.8 MB)
Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Images (ZIP, 10.5 MB)


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September 2013

Bowers & Wilkins launches P7 headphones
Bowers & Wilkins’ P7 headphones deliver an enveloping, pristine listening experience.

Press Release (DOC, 179 KB)
P7 Brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB)
P7 Images (ZIP, 11 MB)


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September 2013

Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones now available in red, as well as blue, white and black
The P3 mobile hi-fi headphones are now available in stunning scarlet, joining the current blue, white and black models.

Press Release (DOC, 795 KB)
P3 Images (ZIP, 3.2 MB)


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July 2013

Bowers & Wilkins Launches CM10
Dramatic new flagship model for CM Series

Press Release (DOC, 1.2 MB)
CM10 Images (ZIP, 12.1 MB)


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June 2013

Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins Announce 805 Maserati Edition
To celebrate the partnership between Bowers & Wilkins and Maserati, we are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new loudspeaker that combines the unbeatable audio performance of Bowers & Wilkins, coupled with the understated opulence of Maserati.

Press Release (DOC, 86 KB)
Maserati 805 Images (ZIP, 9.6 MB)


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June 2013

Bowers & Wilkins Sound Sessions Presents
An Exclusive, Intimate Performance by Amos Lee at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC on June 18, 2013

Press Release (PDF, 273 KB)


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March 2013

P3 now in blue
Bowers & Wilkins launches P3 headphones in blue

Press Release (PDF, 212 KB)
P3 Blue Feature Sheet (PDF, 3 MB)
Z2 Images (ZIP, 18.4 MB)


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January 2013

Air your tunes
Bowers & Wilkins launches two Wireless Music Systems with AirPlay® and LightningTM connector

Press Release (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Z2 Feature Sheet (PDF, 3.9 MB)
Zeppelin Air Feature Sheet (PDF, 3.1 MB)
Wireless Music Systems Feature Sheet (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Z2 Images (ZIP, 20.9 MB)
Zeppelin Air LCM Images (ZIP, 19.3 MB)


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January 2013

Great sound, whatever the weather
Bowers & Wilkins launches AM-1 weatherproof loudspeaker

Press Release (DOC, 1.1 MB)
Brochure (PDF, 311 KB)
Images (ZIP, 4 MB)


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January 2013

Exclusive premium audio performance taken to new level with new Maserati Quattroporte
Brand partnership celebrated in Bowers & Wilkins premium sound system geared to Maserati’s luxury flagship vehicle

Press Release (DOC, 518 KB)
Image (ZIP, 16.5 MB)


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October 2012

Bowers & Wilkins Welcomes Musical Guest Gary Clark Jr. to Exclusive Sound Sessions Music Series

Press Release (DOC, 243 KB)
Images (ZIP, 110 KB)


gary clark jr
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October 2012

Widescreen for your ears
Bowers & Wilkins launches Panorama 2

Press Release (DOC, 2.5 MB)
Hi-Res Image (ZIP,6.5 MB)


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September 2012

Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins launch brand partnership
Collaboration heralds a new era in high performance in-car audio systems

Press Release (DOC, 215 KB)
Hi-Res Image (JPG, 3 MB)


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September 2012

Air your tunes
Bowers & Wilkins launches Wireless Music Systems

Press Release (DOC, 1.8 MB)
Hi-Res Images (ZIP, 18.3 MB)
A7 Technical Paper (PDF, 223 KB)
A5 Technical Paper (PDF, 230 KB)


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September 2012

See nothing, hear everything
Bowers & Wilkins launches CI 800

Press Release (DOC, 605 KB)
Hi-Res Images (ZIP, 8.3 MB)
Brochure (PDF, 844 KB)


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May 2012

Concert for One
Bowers & Wilkins launches P3 headphones

Press Release (DOC, 338 KB)
Hi-Res Images (ZIP, 9.6 MB)
P3 Technical Paper (PDF, 6 MB)
P3 Feature Sheet (PDF, 1.6 MB)


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February 2012

Take Hollywood Home
Bowers & Wilkins announces dramatically improved new M1 compact monitor and PV1D subwoofer, plus new finish option on ASW608 subwoofer, combined to create powerful Mini Theater systems.

Press Release (DOC, 905 KB)
Images (ZIP, 9.6 MB)
Mini Theater Brochure (PDF, 1.4 MB)
M-1 Specsheet (PDF, 455 KB)
PV1D Specsheet (PDF, 455 KB)


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